Rosette Wreath

I’ve been wanting to create a whimsical wreath to adorn my craft office for some time now. When Deena created the rosette cutting files I knew exactly what my next wreath was going to look like.


  • Deena’s Rosette cutting file
  • Various paper. I chose kraft card stock and paper from Deena’s paper lines, Head Over Heels and So Happy Together.
  • Wreath. They have various sizes at your local craft store like Michael’s.
  • Various types of ribbon
  • Hot glue gun
  • Thread and needle
  • Any other embellishments you would like to add

Step 1. Set up your rosette cutting files. You want to prep and cut these first so that you can prep your wreath while your rosette’s are cutting. I ended up cutting 12 rosettes to fill my 8.5 inch wreath.

Step 2. Wrap ribbon around your wreath. Since you have a few ribbons you’ve pulled aside decide which ribbon will wrap the wreath and which ribbon you’ll use to hang the wreath on. I chose the black one in mine. NOTE: Depending on the size of your wreath you might need more than one full roll of ribbon to cover your wreath completely.

Using your hot glue gun, glue one end of the ribbon to your wreath. Make sure you press the ribbon firmly into the wreath ensuring it’s secure before moving on. Once that’s done start wrapping your wreath with the ribbon until it’s completely covered. Hot glue the other end ensuring it’s secure and won’t come undone.

Step 3. Put together the rosettes and embellish them. The great thing about Deena’s rosette’s is the sewing holes they have to keep your rosette tightly together. I also use a hot glue gun to glue the center piece as an additional method of keeping the rosette from coming apart.

Step 4. Add the rosettes to the wreath. It’s time to glue the rosettes to the wreath but before you do that place them on the wreath to get a better sense of how they will look and how to stage it.

I added some pearls strands to mine. Although it didn’t turn out as well as I’d hope but it’s still cute. Lastly, add your ribbon so that you can hang your wreath. I also hot glued the ribbon together. The hot glue gun is your best friend now!

And now you’re done! You can easily make these as gifts for your friends or create different wreaths for different seasons.

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