About Me

I do things I'm passionate about.

One step at a time I’ve built a life I love, a creative outlet that keeps me excited to work, and a desire to share with others what I’ve learned along the way.

Can I have notebook and a pencil, please?

I’ve been doodling since 1976 and designing for the craft industry since 1999. My doodles have turned into fabric designs, party supplies, and logos and branding packages for businesses. I love creating and dreaming and making it all a reality on paper and in my business.

Anything's possible!

My latest passion is life coaching. In 2016 I started learning about mindset and what coaching is, and in 2018 I was all in getting my own life coaching certification. I love coaching, listening to coaching, all things coaching. I love seeing how people’s lives change when their mindset does. I love working with other life coaches so they can get their message out to the people that need them.

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Self-Coaching Worksheet

A free download to use for your client coaching or self-coaching.