Little Car Caddy

It seems that every little boy loves cars. They inevitably end up carrying them around everywhere they go.  The Little Car Caddy is the perfect way to wrap up the little automobiles and take them everywhere you go.

I found several ideas, and, then set out to make it my own.


  • One piece of fabric – 14 x 20 1/2 (mine has been pieced)
  • Contrasting fabric – 7 x 17″
  • Ribbon – about a yard

Step one:

Take your 7″ x 17″ piece and fold it in half, right sides together.  Sew down the long side leaving the ends open. Turn right side out, press and top stitch the sewn end. Take this piece and lay it on the 14″ x 20 1/2″ piece about six inches down from the top (with the top stitched end at the top).

Step two:

Fold the ribbon in half and slide under the 7×17″ piece, centering it in the middle about 1/2″ in from the edge.  Pin the whole 7×17″ piece in place. Fold the fabric from the bottom to the top with right sides together. Stitch this the whole way around leaving a three inch opening at the top for turning right side out.  Once it is sewn clip the corners and turn it right side out.

* the 7×17″ piece will be floating, only sewn on the ends.

 Step three:

Press the whole piece, top stitch all the way around making sure to pull the middle 7″ x 17″ piece flat to make it nice and taut Leaving extra fabric in the middle. Then you will make the pleated pockets as big or little as you will need, depending on the cars you will be putting in the caddy. You will probably just need to play with it until you get it the way you want it.  Mark the vertical sewing lines, pin it and then stitch the bottom to hold the pleats.  Sew the vertical lines to make the pockets.

*I didn’t end up liking the little tail it made when it was closed so I added snaps to it. I really love it this way, plus it makes it a bit more secure.

That’s it! Hope this keeps your little driver’s happy!

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