Quilted Fabric Book Cover

I know that e-readers appear to be everywhere, but don’t you just love to hold a good book in your hands and turn the pages, one by one, to reveal an unexpected ending? I am going to share how to make a fabric book cover to protect (and sometimes hide) your prized book.


Exterior: 15”w X 10”t Scenic Route Wood Grain in Brown

Interior: 15”w X 10”t (same as exterior)

Pockets: (2) 8”w X 10”t Scenic Route Dots in Gray

Batting: 15” X 10” (like warm & natural)

Interfacing: 15” X 10” (fusible craft weight, slightly stiff)

Interfacing for pockets: (2) 3¾” X 10”

Bookmark & Ribbon: 24” of ½” twill ribbon

STEP 1: Fold pocket fabric in half, lengthwise, making it 4”X10”. Press. Insert 3¾”X10” interfacing piece inside each pocket. Press by following manufacturer’s directions. I use medium heat with no steam. Press 15”X10” interfacing piece to wrong side of interior fabric.



STEP 2: Create quilting grid by drawing a 1 ½” X 1 ½” square grid onto one side of batting. Use a ruler and marker for best results. Start in the middle of batting and work out in measurements of 1 ½”. Place batting to wrong side of exterior fabric. Pin in place in multiple areas to hold while stitching. Straight stitch along lines, again starting in middle. I lengthened my stitch just a bit here.



STEP 3: Top stitch along folded edge of each pocket. Place each pocket onto interior fabric, folded edges toward center, matching raw edges. Pin or clip in place and baste stitch along outer edge. (I just love these clips. I rarely use pins anymore 🙂 )

Tip: Stitch close to edge, so stitching will not show when turned right side out.



STEP 4: Baste 13” of bookmark ribbon along top raw edge, 1” to the left of the right side pocket.



STEP 5: Now is the time to “decorate” the exterior fabric if you want to. I added ribbon along one of the quilted lines. You could appliqué an initial or a shape if you’d like.



STEP 6: Make a fabric sandwich. Place the interior fabric with pockets face up. The quilted exterior fabric will be face down. (The decorated side with ribbon will be to the left.) RST. Pin or clip along edges, matching corners. Stitch around with ¼” seam allowance leaving a 5” opening between the pockets along bottom edge for turning. (Make sure you do not catch the bookmark in seam.)



STEP 7: Clip corners. Carefully turn right side out through the opening. Push corners out as much as you can with your fingers and then use a tool of some kind. I love to use chopsticks. Don’t push too hard or it may distort the corners (or break your chopstick.) Fold the opening edges ¼” and press. Top stitch around the entire book cover. I also tied a knot in my bookmark to finish it off.


Enjoy your new book cover!

Books come in many different sizes. I made this cover for a book that is 8 ½” tall X 5 ¾” wide with a binding of 1 ¼”. There is some extra room for use with a thicker book too.

To make a custom cover for other books:

With book closed, measure around the book from front cover edge, around the binding, to the back cover edge. This is the width of your book. Measure top to bottom for height.

Add 2 to 2 ¼” to width and 1 ½” to height when cutting out fabrics. The pocket fabric only needs to be adjusted for height.

Also, if you have time, read 34 things about me on the Meet The Team page and while you’re there check out my Etsy store where you’ll find some more cute fabric covers I created!

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