Father’s Day Bow Tie Gift Box

Hello, Arielle here ~ I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day! Now it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day, right? I have a cute little treat box for you today that will be perfect for a special little surprise for anyone’s dad, young or old. This project is fairly quick and easy – you could make dad a whole “wardrobe” of yummy gifts!



Step 1 – Set up your pages. I opened the .png file from the Milk Carton cutting files, and deleted the top flap and positioned the rest of the box on my 8.5×11″ page in order the get the largest print I could. Then I went back in and deleted the parts that I have grayed out in the image below. I am keeping the one flap with the triangle, because I am going to use it for the collar.

Step 2 – I used Photoshop, so my next step was to pick out my paper and “clip” it to the template layer. By doing it this way (for non cutting machine users) it gave me a very slight dotted white line showing where to score and fold the box. Keep that in mind when picking out your patterned paper, because if your pattern is too light you may not see it!

Step 3 – Print your project and trim them out. Using the extra flap, cut out 2 triangles for the collar. I flipped mine over to use the white side.

Step 4 – Lightly score your edges. (I used a ruler and a craft knife, VERY lightly cutting along the white dotted lines.) Fold up your box and adhere the bottom flaps – add a bit of adhesive to strengthen it. Holding the back and front of the top of the bag, push them together to lightly crease. After filling it with the treats, wrap the small over the top and adhere.

Step 5 – Add the triangles for the collar on the top, on the opposite side from the flap. Adhere the bow tie. Add your buttons with glue dots.

That’s it ~ you’re done! How easy was that? See what I mean, by using different papers and re-sizing your template, you could quickly make a whole wardrobe of shirt and bow tie boxes for all the special guys in your life!

I hope you feel inspired to try this project, and if you do – we’re love to see it! You can share yours with us by commenting here on this post, on Deena’s Facebook Page, or in the hybrid gallery over at Pixels & Company!

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