New Scoot Applique Patterns – Make An Easy Scooter Quilt

…and a tale of a boy and his blankie!

We will get to the tale in a minute, but FIRST, Deena has a new pattern in her Etsy shop.  It includes four applique patterns from her Scoot line – the helicopter, the scooter, the wagon, and the digger.  Any one of these would make such a cute addition to something special for your little boy.  So many applications….a tee shirt, a pillow, a quilt, curtains, a backpack, pillowcase…..the possibilities are endless!

The quilt above was so easy to put together.  I wanted a lot of texture on this quilt since it was going to be very simple in construction.  I also wanted a vintage vibe, so I used quilters linen for the grey, and then some men’s shirts for the blue below.  The patchwork may look complex, but it was made using a disappearing 9 patch, and came together so quickly!  The scooter is red wool.  It is a small receiving blanket, great for tucking into the car seat when out and about.  This took about a day to put together, and if you omitted the 9 patch and just used a solid top, would take a few hours – perfect if you need to make a gift for a little guy.

Not only are the possibilities endless for the projects you make with them, but also how you interpret the pattern.  I love the true colors of Deena’s line as shown in the helicopter pillow; the scooter on the small quilt is a simple silhouette; and for my son’s blanket, I choose a mix of blues to coordinate with the tricot top.

Now for the tale of a boy and a blankie……

When I was making the quilt, my youngest son wanted to know if it was his, and when it would be done so he could start using it.  I, of course, had to invoke FLO (family lay off), but given the state of his current favorite blanket, could not deny him one of his own!


Pretty pathetic huh?! The tattered blankie is made of tricot (the stuff of old ladies underwear), and as you can see, has been loved to death.  I have mended it many times, and realized with this last big tear, that it would not survive much longer.  The new blankie is made almost identical to the original with tricot on the front, but I used  minky on the back for extra cuddle-bility, and polyester fill for the stuffing which makes it super puffy and light.  I quilted it simply with straight lines because both tricot and minky can be tricky to work with.

Do any of you have a little person with an attachment to a blankie?  I probably should have taken this opportunity to wean the blankie from him, but maybe since he is my baby, I just didn’t have the heart (maybe I need the blankie more than him??).  And now my favorite moment from the movie Mr. Mom….even if you don’t have a kid with a blankie, it is still a scream!



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