How To Edit Photos In Canva

I have some good news for you!

Gone are the days where you need to be a Photoshop expert to edit pictures for your business. You can use Canva to remove a background, add a filter, or even erase specific pieces of an image. Today I’m showing you how to edit photos in Canva ⤵

(6 minutes) How To Edit Photos In Canva

In this tutorial, you will learn how to:

– Use the Magic Eraser, Magic Expand, and Magic Grab tools
– Remove and add backgrounds
– Layer text and brand elements over photos
– Apply filters and adjust lighting

& so much more!

Once you know where to find these photo editing features in Canva, you can start using them! I love being able to customize both my own photos AND stock photos to fit the content I’m creating. These Canva tips will save you so much time and allow you to design graphics that better reflect your creative vision!

Happy editing!


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