Phone Charger Cozy + Giveaway

Hi there, I’m Melissa, a mom to a 4yo girl, Etsy Shop ownerBlogger and more.  I’m also on the Deena Rutter Creative Team as a Pocket Scrapbooker. I love being on Deena’s team and getting to play with all of her latest and greatest digital designs. One day a package arrived from Deena as a Thank You gift for being on the Creative Team. In my goodie bag was 1/2 yard of each of these delicious fabrics from the “So Happy Together” line produced for Riley Blake.

Deena Rutter  – “So Happy Together” Hexi Blue
Deena Rutter – “So Happy Together” Flower Pink

I had recently just read this blog post by Positively Splendid with a great pattern for sewing up a fabric phone charger cozy and knew that was what I wanted to do with this beautiful fabric. So, off to the cutting mat I went!



  • Fabric Phone Charging Station PDF Pattern Piece (Free Download)

  • Fabric in two coordinating patterns (scraps or fat quarters work great for this project)
  • (1) 10×5″ piece Peltex
  • (1) 10×5″ piece fusible fleece
  • Washable ink marker
  • 6.5″ of 1/2″ bias tape maxi piping (optional)
  • (1) 1 9/16″ plastic curtain grommet with setting kit
  • Coordinating thread
  • Denim sewing needle
  • Basic sewing supplies (machine, scissors, iron, pins, clips etc)



Start off by printing the 2 page pattern and cutting it out. Be sure to print the pages at 100% (not shrink to fit page). Then proceed to cut out the material as directed. Transfer the markings for the Pocket Piece.

Iron the Peltax to the wrong side of the front Main Body Piece according to your products instructions. Iron the fusible fleece to the wrong side of the back Main Body Piece and the front Pocket Piece.

Line up the 2 pocket pieces right sides together, sandwiching the maxi piping in between. Sew along the top using a 1/4″ seam allowance.

Open and turn the pocket piece so that wrong sides are together. Iron well.

Let’s pleat the pocket now. Using your marking as a guide, bring point B over to point A and pin/clip. Then bring point C over to point D and pin/clip. At this point I like to iron the pleats down a bit to get them to cooperate with me.

Now we are going to baste the pocket to the right side of the front Main Body Piece. This is where you want to be sure to have a denim needle in the machine. Slowly baste (at a 5.0 stitch length) with a 1/4″ seam allowance from the top of the pocket around and down to the pleats and back up to the other side of the pocket, matching sides are you go along. Or pinning first if you don’t like to take chances. 🙂

Admire your pretty pleats.

OK, now we’re going to make a giant sandwich of all the pieces. Mark a 2″ section on the side with a fabric pen. This is the hole we will use to turn the piece right-side out! Pin or clip them together and head back to the machine to bring it all together.

Don’t forget to change your stitch length back to 2.5 or so. Slowly stitch around the entire piece stopping at ending at the pen marks (leaving an opening. This is where using a denim needle (90 or bigger) is really important as this is a big, fat sandwich by now!

Clip your turns (ahem… I forgot!). Then grab a chopstick or some skinny little fingers and start turning your creation right-side out! Take your time, it WILL fit through that little hole we left. Once it’s turned out PRESS PRESS PRESS. Fold in the opening and PRESS some more. Now your going to topstitch around the entire piece with a 1/8″ seam allowance to close up that hole and prevent anything from shifting.

Now comes the fun part. Follow the instructions on the package of the curtain grommets.

Using the template provided, draw the circle with fabric pen. Cut out the circle. Fit the two grommet piece below and above the fabric piece and snap together and you’re done! Cool, huh?

Of course, if you have a small child in your house you may find yourself fighting over who gets to use the cozy and for what.

Just a word of caution, this product is not recommended for unattended prolong charging (such as overnight). And although you are able to hook the cozy directly over the charger plug as shown to the right, I highly recommend placing a hook next to the outlet to hang the cozy from instead as phones and chargers can get very hot while plugged in. Please use with extreme care

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