Moodboard Inspiration | Lint Velvet

One of the most common questions I get looks like this:

“How do I create exciting and unique graphics while staying on-brand?”

Take advantage of your color palette! Be adventurous with your “action item” colors – these are the more bold/pop-out colors in your palette. Showcase an action item color through the use of a new image, quote template, or email graphic.

This week’s moodboard is a modern, clean take on a fun color – green! Finding on-brand elements in stock photos is an easy way to create content that will resonate with your brand, followers, and clients; for Lint Velvet, I found inspiration on Pinterest, Unsplash, and Social Squares. Although the shades of green are not all exactly the same, they compliment one another and are spaced in a way that creates a pleasing array of content.

Once you find a few images/pieces that work together, pull colors from them to create a color palette. Keep track of the hex codes (6-digit code preceded by a #), so you can find and reuse your chosen colors easily.

I pulled six colors from the Lint Velvet moodboard and could easily implement those colors to create refreshing, yet brand-specific graphics for my social feeds!



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