“I would definitely refer Deena as a life coach to others. I really appreciated how good Deena was at just listening and guiding me without judgment. There were times when I would talk with her about things that I felt a little embarrassed about how emotional I was being or how silly my emotions were, but Deena was so kind and helpful in helping me to understand why I was feeling the way I was, no need to feel embarrassed. Deena’s process of helping me to understand was life-changing for me. Being guided to see that the thoughts I was having about a specific incident in my life was the only thing that was causing me frustration with the situation, has helped me to see that I do that in many aspects of my life. I feel that I have the tools to handle difficulties that come my way in the future so much better. What a blessing it has been to me to have Deena help me as a life coach, I know that her work is going to help so many others! Thanks Deena!”

‐ Kristen

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Photos by Tiffany Carter Photography