Canva Tutorial Series: How To Organize In Canva

If you’re anything like me, you probably think Canva’s dashboard and its endless options are overwhelming. Over the many years using Canva, I’ve narrowed down my favorite tips to navigate the dashboard and stay organized when designing. These tried-and-true practices have revolutionized my designing process, allowing me to spend less time hunting for files and more time bringing my creative visions to life.

(7 min) Watch Now | Organize Your Canva Designs

In this week’s Canva tutorial, I will share my favorite Canva organization tips:

Projects Section: Your Command Center

The Projects section serves as your digital command center, displaying a comprehensive overview of your ongoing designs. It’s your go-to hub for tracking progress and revisiting past projects with ease.

Grid View: Clarity at a Glance

Embrace the power of the grid view to gain a crystal-clear perspective of your designs and folders. This visual layout enhances navigation and simplifies the management of your creative assets.

Naming + Sharing: Collaboration Made Simple

Give your designs meaningful names and seamlessly share them with your team members. Clear labeling ensures everyone is on the same page.

Folder Systems
: Structure for Success

Implement a simple folder system to categorize and store your designs. Organizing your assets into relevant folders allows straightforward access and minimizes clutter, empowering you to locate files effortlessly.

Preview Options: Fine-Tune with Precision

Leverage Canva’s preview options to refine your designs. Whether you’re rearranging elements, deleting redundancies, or duplicating templates, these features streamline your editing process and elevate your output.

Brand Kit: Consistency is Key

Harness the potential of Canva’s brand kit to maintain consistency across your designs. Centralize essential elements such as photos, logos, colors, and fonts, ensuring that your brand identity remains cohesive and recognizable.

Star Feature: Curate Your Favorites

Canva’s ‘star feature’ allows you to curate a collection of templates and elements that resonate with your aesthetic. Building a library of go-to resources saves time and inspires creativity whenever inspiration strikes.

Don’t let the business of Canva’s dashboard intimidate you or hold you back. Embracing just a few of my organization tips will help you to better navigate Canva and use your design time more effectively. 

Happy branding,

Deena Rutter

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