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I did not understand the value of a life coach. In fact, the name life coach seemed to have a negative connotation to me, but when I saw that Deena had become one, my curiosity was peaked and even found myself offering to be a ‘guinea pig’ to help her on her life coach way. I am still dumbfounded at how much my life has changed because of the thoughts, concepts, and principles Deena has shared with me…

The model that she uses has changed every aspect of my life. I have lost 14 pounds since our time together in 3 months without spending any time in the gym. My relationships with my husband, children, mother and mother in law have improved significantly. Deena has been able to provide me with the tools to see situations in a different light that have helped me to negotiate some very challenging situations. Although my reality has not changed, I feel like I have a different life because of the way I think. During our sessions together Deena asked me important questions. She empowered me by asking me to be curious about things, which was a very non-threatening approach. She then invited to do ‘homework’ so that I was ready for the new tools she offered me. I appreciated that Deena had a course to offer me, however, she was very flexible in what we did every session and was more than happy ‘run the model’ with me.

I appreciated the follow-up Deena provided after each session, providing me with the model we worked on together and then assigning me the following homework assignment. Throughout our sessions, Deena was able to find the balance of relating to me personally but maintaining a level of professionalism.

After two months of weekly sessions with Deena, I no longer hold any negative beliefs about the power of a life coach. The tools and skills she shared with me are now part of my everyday life. I have so much power and confidence. I am so grateful I made the decision to offer myself as a guinea pig that day because the results are truly ‘life’ changing.

— Dara, British Columbia Canada

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